Salina Kemp is an Urban Indigenous woman and a member of the Millbrook First Nation and the Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre community. A recent graduate from Saint Mary's University with a Bachelor of Arts, she majored in political science and philosophy as well as a minor in Atlantic Canada studies. During her time at SMU, she was a student representative for the President's Task Force which sought to enhance learning opportunities and experiences for Indigenous students; and a team member on several community driven research projects, most recently, "Wi’kupaltimk: Feast of Forgiveness" a film exploring food security for urban Indigenous people living in Halifax.

Currently attending Saint Mary's University pursuing a Master of Art's in Atlantic Canada Studies examining the impacts that policies and legislation have had on Indigenous connection to landscape within Kjipuktuk. In addition to her experience within both the urban Indigenous community and the academic community she is a current member of the Saint Mary's University Indigenous student society and the Indigenous Education Task force Team and a member of the All Nations Drummers women's drum group.

Gregg Curwin is President and CEO of TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture, a company developing an indoor farming system that grows fresh plants for food and medicines anywhere in the world, regardless of environment, 365 days a year. The system integrates growing technologies in a controlled environment to grow high-quality, predictable-yield, clean plants with innovative and efficient technologies. 

Gregg is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in health-care innovation industries, including medical devices, biologics, and health-related retail. He has consulted hospitals and governments in the broad area of health design, with a recent focus on the role of food production in disease prevention.

Amit feels the most critical of life’s maxims are taught in kindergarten.  One of these being “Waste not, want not.”  As a serial entrepreneur, he strongly believes that the conservation of resources makes economic sense.  
The impetus for founding Naveco Power Inc. is to be the conduit and facilitate public participation in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.  Presently, Naveco Power is facilitating the process of Naveco Inc. becoming a Community Economic Development Corporation.

Prior to Naveco Power, Amit has been involved in the planned renovation of the Federal Court building in Downtown Fredericton.  The intent is to be the most energy efficient existing commercial office space in all of NB and the only recipient of LEED Gold Existing Building certification in the province.

His interest in the energy sector began with a year-long co-op placement at NB Power Generation Division as a financial analysis intern, focused on modeling the cost/benefit of utilizing thermal generation assets versus purchasing electricity from the day ahead market.

Greg Curwin, B.Comm.
TruLeaf President and CEO

Amit Virmani
Founder of Naveco Power Inc.

Rodney Resch has been in the construction industry since the age of 14 where he worked for a family construction company in Dartmouth NS. Once he completed high school, he attended the Atlantic Computer Institute of Technology in Halifax, NS and received a degree in System Analysis, and Hardware/Software design which took him to Vancouver, British Columbia. He went back into the construction industry where he stayed for the remainder of his career but his passion for technology and knowledge of construction is how he founded Greenponcis Worldwide Inc. 

In 2012, he came across aquaponics and was amazed at the purity of the process. He fell in love with the simplicity, and knew this could be a means to be able to offer others pure and affordable locally grown food in any environment and reduce or eliminate the existing food miles that we currently see. This lead him to develop a facility that will grow better-than-organic fruit and vegetables and fish year-round and completely off grid.

World Café


Salina Kemp
Community member of Millbrook First Nation and Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre 

Rodney Resch
Greenponcis Worldwide Inc. Founder 

The World Café will allow for participants to quickly get acquainted with a variety of topics in a relaxed and collaborative environment. There will be five guests each from a local organization, which is working in at least one of the three topics (food security, clean technology and Indigenous governance). Participants will have the opportunity to attend three out of five topics and attend half hour discussion sessions.