2017 ACPA Paper Competition Student Presentations

2017 ACPA Student Poster Competition


Theme: Creating Opportunities in Indigenous Relations (Compass Room A/B) 

1. Reconciling the North: From First Nation to Self-Government 
          Nicholas Wilson, MPA 2016, Royal Military College of Canada 

2. This Decision Concerns Children: Does Canada Need an Indigenous Children’s Commissioner? 
          Calinda Brown, MPA Candidate 2018 

3. Breaking the Vicious Circle of Family Violence in Indigenous Communities 
          Scarlett Kelly, MPA/MLIS Candidate 2018

Theme: Creating Opportunities in Food Security and Management (Compass Room C) 

1. Traditional Food Access in Northern Canada 
         Molly Fredeen, Masters of Environmental Studies Candidate 2018 

2. A Government Intervention to Correct Market Failure: The Obesity-Hunger Paradox 
        Chris Smith, MPA Candidate 2018 

3. Harmonizing Rules, Values and Self-Interest 
          Jennifer Urich, MPA Candidate 2018 

Theme: Creating Opportunities in national policy (Navigator Room East) 

1. Locked Away without Appeal 
         Salman Dostmohammad, MPA Candidate 2017 

2. Ocean Acidification as a Threat to Marine Ecosystems – Risk Assessment and Solutions

         Maryam Fazeli and Yashvi Pathak, MPA Candidates 2018 

3. Improving Implementation of a new policy in Canada: Medically Assisted Death 
         Marina Kwak, MPA Candidate 2018 

Theme: Creating Opportunities in Nova Scotia Policy (Navigator Room West) 

1. Everyday Law on the Street and Socioeconomic Diversity in Halifax 
         Camille Horton-Poole, MPA Candidate 2018 

2. Come from Away’s to Locals: The Potential for Immigrant Retention in Nova Scotia 
         Anne Richard, MPA Candidate 2017 

3. A Revised COMFIT Program: New solutions for an old problem 
        Kaitlin Stansfield, MPA Candidate 2018

1. Nurturing the Riverbank – An Analysis of Best Practices to Grow A Vibrant Downtown Bridgewater 
          Presenters: Siao Ye and Taylor Currie 

2. Local Tidal Power Readiness Strategy - the Cumberland Energy Authority 
          Presenters: Sean Hanlon and Jude Long 

3. Sustainability as a Key Component of Asset Management Planning - the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities 
          Presenters: Nicole Saulnier 

4. Improving Organizational Management and Governance through Policy and Process - Atlantic Council for International Cooperation 
          Presenter: Liam Conrad and Anne Richard 

5. Harvesting Potential from Forgotten Foods - FOUND forgotten food 
         Presenters: Allison Dolan; Alison Brown; Candace Nickerson; Geoff Hutchinson; Jordan Yanover 

6. An Ocean of Opportunities: The Oyster Industry in Nova Scotia - Lochmore Oyster Farm 
          Presenter: Tina Gripton and Sean Butler 

7. Business Plan for a Smartphone Application: Countering Violent Extremism in Youth - The Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative 
          Presenters: Alex Francey and Hannah Cormier 

8. Way Forward for Sustainable Urban Forest Management (SUFM) in HRM - HRM Transportation & Public Works (TPW) – Urban Forestry 
          Presenter: Danielle Léger 

9. Lighting the way to a sustainable Future: Investigation into current lighting practices - Port Hawkesbury Paper 

          Presenter: Josh McGrath 

10. Sustainable Food - Examining Ethical Standards for Meat, Poultry and Eggs - Dalhousie Office of Sustainability 
          Presenter: Brianna Graham 

11. A Revised COMFIT Program: New Solutions for an old problem 
          Presenter: Kaitlin Stansfield 

12. This Decision Concerns Children: Does Canada Need an Indigenous Children’s Commissioner? 
          Presenter: Calinda Brown