Conference Program

Welcome to the 2017 Atlantic Conference on Public Administration! This year, through our theme "When Stars Align: Creating Opportunities," we will explore the topics of food security, clean technology and Indigenous governance as opportunities to create a prosperous Atlantic Canada through innovative ideas and practices. Check out the complete conference schedule here. This year's program includes:

Food Security Discussion: From the supply chain through to the dinner table, more than a third of the food produced is wasted. As global pressures on food production increase to keep up with the growing population, some countries, like France, have started tackling food waste. Should Canada follow suit? If so, how should this be done? Which sectors should be regulated? And, how would this change Canadians' relationship to food? 

Indigenous Duty to Consult Workshop : As Canada begins to forge a Nation to Nation relationship with Indigenous peoples, consultations become increasingly important. Knowing the proper protocol surrounding consultations is essential for public servants in all departments. However, once Nation to Nation relationships have been achieved, the nature and tenor of consultations may change. We will address both the present need to be aware of consultation protocols and the future of consultation in an evolving Canada.

Clean Technology Panel: New clean technologies are essential both economically and environmentally. Atlantic Canada is leading the way in clean technologies, including pioneering tidal energy, formulating new clean infrastructure standards and changing the dynamic between municipalities and energy generation. This panel, "Innovations Supporting Atlantic Canadian Clean Growth," will explore the successes and future opportunities in clean technology. Participants will learn about current initiatives and the need to develop them responsibly and with the consent of Indigenous peoples. 

World Café: The World Café will allow for participants to quickly get acquainted with a variety of topics in a relaxed and collaborative environment. There will be five guests each from a local organization, which is working in at least one of the three topics (food security, clean technology and Indigenous governance). Participants will have the opportunity to attend three out of five topics and attend half hour discussion sessions.