Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stressed that there is no relationship more important to him, and to Canada, than the one with Indigenous People. Mandate letters to his Cabinet call for a renewed, nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous Peoples based on the recognition of rights, respect, co-operation, and partnership.

ACPA 2018 will explore critical elements at play that are driving reconciliation in Atlantic Canada, and allow attendees to explore a greater understanding of the challenges still facing our country.

At its core, ACPA 2018 will examine how reconciliation has taken shape in Atlantic Canada, its links to the sharing of Indigenous knowledge and understanding various ways of seeing, and how indigenous and non-indigenous Atlantic Canadians can work collaboratively to build a sustainable future. The goal is to explore how we can further Indigenous reconciliation by learning other ways of seeing and interpreting our world—through concepts like Netukulimk (a Mi’kmaq word that encompasses sustainability), or two-eyed seeing—to further our collective advancement.

Indigenous teachings can underpin styles of governance, citizen engagement, our relationship to nature, and each other. These interconnected themes can be used to strengthen the collaborative approach that is imperative to Atlantic Canada’s success. Our relationships to each other and to the environment is essential in fostering a prosperous future for all Atlantic Canadians. ACPA 2018 will explore how we can continue to strengthen these relationships and identify new ways of approaching the challenges facing Atlantic Canada.

Conference Description

 Conference Theme 

Stronger Together:
Indigenous Reconciliation and Sustainable Growth in Atlantic Canada

Exploring links between indigenous 
reconciliation, our environment, collective economic and social growth and developing a sustainable Atlantic economy for a brighter tomorrow.

  • What is “reconciliation”? This topic will examine what we mean when we say the word “reconciliation,” what can be done to achieve it, and how this relates to the relationship with our environment and community growth.
  • Netukulimk: A Mi’kmaq word that encompasses sustainability; a traditional concept that celebrates the connection and balance between the natural and human world. Can developing two-eyed-seeing lead to improved resource stewardship while furthering reconciliation?
  • How do we continue to build a clean, sustainable economy in Atlantic Canada that helps us restore a connection to our natural environment, build relationships with and strengthen indigenous communities, while securing Atlantic Canada’s economy as a leader in sustainable growth?
  • Learning from each other and remaining open to other ways of seeing problems and finding solutions may be key to furthering our collective success and growth as a Region. The interconnected themes of this conference may provide a platform for reconciliation, sustainable growth and a healthy future.


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