​​​2017: When Stars Align: Creating Opportunities (Final Report)
Key Speakers:

  • The Honourable Dominic LeBlanc 
  • Andrew Noseworthy 
  • Senator Dan Christmas 
  • Mayor Mike Savage ​

2016: Remaining Relevant: Adapting for Tomorrow (Final Report)

Key Speakers:

  • Avrim Lazar
  • Rosalind Penfoud
  • Debate Resolution: Be it Resolved that Government Should Regulate the Sharing Economy (more)

2015: Models for Success: Leading in Atlantic Canada (Final Report)

Key Speakers:

  • Danny Graham
  • Dan Christmas
  • ​Catherine Woodman​

2014: Supporting Symbiosis: Bridging the Public/Private Sectors and Civil Society (Final Report)

Key Speakers:

  • Richard Florizone
  • Paul MacMillan
  • Mayor Mike Savage

2013: ​Intergovernmental Affairs: Challenges and Opportunities (Final Report)
Key Speakers:

  • Sir John Elvidge
  • David Darrow
  • Catherine Blewett
  • Graham Flack

2012: Ethics in Public Administration: Speaking Truth to Power (Final Report)
Key Speakers:

  • Douglas Keefe
  • Daphne Meredith
  • Kelliann Dean

Previous Conference Highlights

Conference Origin:

The ACPA Conference is in its 18th year, and has established itself in the Halifax community as the premier annual gathering of public servants and graduate students.  The Conference provides a space for practitioners and students to engage with one another and learn from each other.  The Conference began as a joint function between L’Université de Moncton, and Dalhousie University.  It was designed to be an annual conference for students from both universities to showcase their research and develop new ideas.  Over the years, the Conference has evolved from simply a place where students gather to share ideas, into a space where public service professionals, Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Management graduates, professors and not-for profit stakeholders gather to share ideas, best practices and develop solutions to the biggest problems facing the Canadian public service.  Today, Dalhousie University School of Public Administration has taken over sole responsibility of planning and delivering the annual conference, but still maintains a commitment to engaging universities and public service professionals from across Atlantic Canada.

In addition to the above speakers, graduate students from Dalhousie University have had the ability to showcase some of the most cutting edge resource related to facing challenges in the Canadian public service. Previous research presentations include: 

  • Gender Diversity in the Public Sector Workplace by Kaylea Cassano
  • The High Cost of Transportation Infrastructure: The 2015 Metro Vancouver Transit Referendum and Lessons for Policymakers by Matthew Chan
  • Social Licence:  A Collaborative Democracy ​by Salman Dostmohammad, Jude Long, Claire Dutkewych
  • Contribution Analysis as an approach to evaluating public relations programs by
    Luke Gaulton
  • Educating for the Future:  The Case for Compulsory Computer Science Education in Canada ​by Jethro Herring
  • A Policy Perspective of the Canadian Aquaculture Industry’s Role in Alleviating Global Food Insecurity by Allison Kader