Learning Session: Atlantic Aboriginal Economic Development Research Program

Session description: This learning session will explore the Atlantic Aboriginal Economic Development Integrated Research Program (AAEDIRP). AAEDIRP is a unique partnership between member communities of the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat (APCFNC), the Inuit of Labrador, fifteen Atlantic Canadian universities, and federal and provincial government funders. The main purpose of the AAEDIRP is to work with Aboriginal communities to improve the knowledge base concerning Atlantic Aboriginal economic development in order to improve the lives of Aboriginal peoples in the region. The research approaches community economic development from a broad, holistic perspective based on Aboriginal culture, languages and direction from Elders.

​                               Mary Oxner is an Associate Professor at the Schwartz School of Business having                                 joined the School of Business in 2000 to develop and teach various courses in

                               the accounting and finance disciplines. Mary’s research interests have included

                               auditor expertise, corporate government in a Canadian context, instructional

                               strategies in management accounting curricula, and financial literacy and labour

                               force readiness in First Nations communities. Financial literacy has become a

                               sustained focus in her current research program coincident with outreach into

                               communities. Mary recently partnered with several colleagues in Universities

                               across the Maritime Provinces along with the Atlantic Aboriginal Economic

                               Development Integrated Research Program (AAEDIRP) to explore labour force


                               ​Geri Musqua-LeBlanc is a member of the Nakawe Nation (Keeseekoose First

                               Nation), Saskatchewan and a member of the Bear Clan. Her traditional name is

                               "Miskwe Ginew ikwe," meaning "Red Eagle Woman." Geri is retired from the

                               public service where she received the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal for her

                               work in employment equity. She is also a residential school survivor.





Geri Musqua-Leblanc

​​​​​Dalhousie's Elder in Residence

Mary Oxner

​​​​​Associate Professor