2016 ACPA Paper Competition Winners 

First Runner Up

Ian Stedman

First Runner Up

Erik Fraser & Meagan Franciscus

There can be no accountability without transparency:  An examination of Nova Scotia’s outdated government ethics legislation.

The High Cost of Transportation Infrastructure: The 2015 Metro Vancouver Transit Referendum and Lessons for Policymakers

Municipality of Shelburne:  Assessing the Feasibility of Creating a Marine/Aquatic Centre of Excellence in Shelburne County


​Morgan Beatty

First Place

Jordan Cromwell, Tess Grynoch, Anne Karete Hvidsten, Minhao Li & Afolabi Opanubi ​​

2016 ACPA Poster Competition Winners 

Nova Scotia Department of Energy Data Management Plan.

Port of Sydney:  Examining Multiple Dimensions of Short-Sea Shipping

Second Runner Up

Matthew Chan